The Sapphire III is packed with even more features than a Sapphire II and can be fitted with up to a 6000 litre tank. The highly efficient Perkins 200hp or 225hp Tier IV final 6 cylinder engine provides plenty of power. SmartDriveTM monitors and controls the MS18 and MW24 Poclain hydrostatic transmission, reducing fuel consumption and maintaining a constant spraying speed via cruise control. Hydraulic track width can be adjusted between 180cm and 220 cm from the cabin. The Cabin is fully air suspended and is one of the most spacious available. Operator comfort is further enhanced by the ergonomic positioning of all vehicle and sprayer controls and excellent all-round visibility thanks to large windows and narrow pillars. You have an uninterrupted view of the spray boom thanks to the curved rear window.  FarmGEM has led the way with their innovative boom design for many years. Both the FG and Tri-Fold booms are designed with strength, durability and excellent stability. Fingertip Fluid Control system provides filling without complicated valve system layouts to learn. Just three simple push buttons will allow you to select between filling, tank washing or spray line rinsing, all can be operated from outside at the operator filling station or from within the cabin. So flushing the sprayer with clean water can be controlled from the cabin!

  • 200hp – 6 cylinder Perkins engine
  • High specification cab, air seat, digital climate control, carbon filtration, work lights
  • Remote throttle and PTO control
  • Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive – MS18 & M24 wheel motors
  • 2/4 wheel steering with electronic auto alignment
  • Active air suspension
  • 340/85 x R46 – hydraulic wheel track adjustment
  • 5000 litre stainless steel tank c/w remote drain
  • 500 litre clean water rinse tank c/w rota flush tank rinse nozzle
  • 24, 28, 30, 32 or 36m heavy duty self levelling boom with unique anti-yaw suspension
  • 300 litre/min 6 cylinder diaphragm pump
  • Stainless steel chemical induction hopper c/w hopper and can rinse system
  • Muller ECO automatic spray controller with 4 sections air controlled on/off
  • Stainless steel 19mm spraylines with auto recirculation system
  • Single or Triplet nozzle bodies c/w 1 set of fan nozzles
  • Suction self-fill c/w 6m hose and filter
  • NSTS test certification
  • Slip control
  • 406 litre/min 6 cylinder diaphragm pump
  • Hydraulic driven fast fill pump
  • Independent boom variable geometry
  • Muller DGPS auto spray section control
  • Muller auto boom levelling
  • Reversing camera