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Years of experience have enabled the FarmGEM Design Team to build a range of crop sprayers which incorporate a very high level of strength without excess weight. For example the steel we choose and the lattice construction of the FarmGEM range of booms gives structural strength and stability but keeps weight to a minimum. Each joint has a lubrication point and every hinge pin is secured preventing movement and increased wear.
Each series of sprayers is loaded with specification depending on its individual class, however still allowing the grower to make specifications choices to suit individual circumstances. For example the Diamond trailed machines comes as standard with axle suspension, high capacity pump and stainless steel spray lines, auto circulation prime and purge system but a Radion 8140 touch screen controller is a choice option.
In the modern world we live in very few manufacturers can truly claim they have unique features. So the “Self-Trak” drawbar a system we designed some 20 + years ago which many have tried and failed to copy we feel is unique. It offers trailed sprayer wheel tracking without complicated electronics, sensors or hydraulics. We were one of the first manufacturers to control boom yaw movement and although many manufacturers now control this movement we think we still do the best job. Oh and we haven’t mentioned the Sapphire VT2 that truly is unique.
Manufacturers often claim their machines is the strongest, but how many are willing to back up this claim? FarmGEM are! We provide a Three Year Construction Warranty with our crop sprayers which covers the manufacture of all our steel components, from boom to chassis to steps, sharing our confidence with our customers


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