Atlas Platform

Atlas Platform

The Atlas is a versatile harvest and crop maintenance platform with 6 adjustable workstations. Two models are available Atlas 1 – with dimensions of 1.75m x 3.50m and Atlas 2 – with dimensions of 1.45m x 3.50m. A hydraulic scissor lift system allows operations at varying heights which is controllable from the platform up to maximum height of 260cm. Each workstation has individual extendable platforms with a non-slip flooring and a safety railings, to give excellent working access. The high-quality design and strong built can carry up to 900kg and provides excellent stability and many safety features including a hydraulic failsafe system. Also equipped with the Plus Air system each workstation can then operate any pneumatically operated tools such as pruning shears, loppers or saws.


  • Maximum 6 people can work from the unit
  • Reinforced heavy-duty chassis, coated with powder paint
  • Air compressor and twin tanks, capacity 400 litres
  • Additional rear hitch point for towing accessories
  • Adjustable parking leg
  • Heavy duty lifting cylinders with safety valves
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Reinforced lifting rams
  • Full handrails for operation safety
  • Non-slip platform
  • Road lights
  • PTO drive shaft


Mechanical tracking drawbar
Hydraulic tracking drawbar
Pneumatic pruning shear + 5m air hose

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