Open Mulcher

TheĀ OpenĀ is a wider heavy-duty mulcher/chopper available in 1.60m, 2.00m, 3.00m and 4.00 metre widths. It is designed to mulch oil see rape, maize, corn and cotton stalks or grass and brush. The chassis is reinforced with a twin metal sheets of 6mm and 5mm and coated with a durable oven baked powder paint finish. A five-dive belt system with auto tension adjustment delivers power to a heavy duty 200mm cylinder fitted V blades designed for cutting even the toughest plant stalks. A protective steel front curtain ensures chopped debris stays within the cutting compartment and an adjustable rear discharge cover allows the operator to direct the chopped material as he wishes. Close chopping is assured as the adjustable rear wheels ensure the perfect chopping height.


  • Heavy duty chopper/mulcher: suitable for oilseed rape, corn and cotton stalks and grass etc
  • The chassis is reinforced with a double metal sheet of 6+5mm and coated with powder paint
  • Five (5) drive belt system with auto tension adjustment
  • Heavy duty 20cm cylinder with V blades for cutting tough cotton and maize stalks
  • Protective front steel curtain
  • Close cutting is ensured by the two adjustable rear wheels
  • Adjustable rear discharge cover
  • Greaseable bearings and hinges
  • PTO drive shaft
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